Community Impact

We are firm believers in giving back. In fact, we have a passion for it. Firmly rooted in the places we call home, we are deeply connected to the people who are our clients, friends, and neighbors. Our team has a proud tradition of supporting dedicated community organizations through partnerships, donations, and volunteering.

We help enhance our neighborhoods through partnerships that strengthen and enrich our communities.
See our most recent contributions below.

Town of Belleair Parks and Recreation Concert Series Sponsor and Volunteer

“The Sundays in Belleair Concert Series was created as an event to bring our community together and without the support of generous benefactors like Kerryn Ellson, these events would simply not happen. Kerryn recognizes the power of a place like the Belleair Rec to provide town residents regardless of age with a variety of opportunities to gather and enjoy themselves. Kerryn Ellson is definitely a big-hearted resident that helps make Belleair the kind of home where neighbors come together."

- Mike Wilkinson, Belleair Town Commissioner

Belleair Community Foundation Sponsor and Volunteer

“As a resident of the Town of Belleair, Kerryn Ellson and her family believe that the way towards a better community is to get involved through both time and financial support. The Ellson Family joined the Belleair Community Foundation because they believed that the mission and accomplishments of the foundation best supported their dream of better Belleair.”

- Karla Rettstatt, President, Belleair Community Foundation

Clearwater for Youth, Phil Doganiero, Three Bridges Race Sponsor

“Clearwater for Youth (CFY) supports and reaches more than 8,000 youth in our community who struggle to afford playing sports and attaining higher education due to financial concerns. Kerryn Ellson understands the importance of providing a foundation for our youth to make a difference in their adult lives.

Kerryn’s support has allowed CFY to grow the 3 Bridges Race into the premier event it is today. Her support helps us continue to bring families together to enjoy outdoor activities for every age group, all while raising funds for our cause.”

- Dawn Daugherty, Trustee, Clearwater for Youth, The Phil Doganiero 3 Bridges Race

Clearwater Free Clinic’s Martinis & Matisse Sponsor

"Kerryn Ellson is a supporter of Martinis and Matisse this year, a fundraiser to benefit the Clearwater Free Clinic (CFC), which provides free comprehensive medical care to the low-income residents of Pinellas county. Kerryn sees the value in giving back to the community in which she lives and works. This year we are truly grateful to her for purchasing a golf cart to be painted by one of our popular local artists, Kelly Nash. We will raffle the beautifully painted cart to a lucky member in the community, hopefully raising a significant amount of funds to help out the mission of the CFC."

- Susan Murbach, Clearwater Free Clinic

Our team has a long history of supporting Belleair, Clearwater and surrounding communities and its causes. We support positive social impact for our community and the clients we serve. We are committed to offering resources and support to achieve the best environment where we live, work and play. Working with partners in making decisions that impact the community is at the core of our efforts.